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January 25
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PKMN-Armonia Outfit RQs .:Zane and Lulu:. by Aardw00fs PKMN-Armonia Outfit RQs .:Zane and Lulu:. by Aardw00fs

woo finally got this done too ;w;

im aware that Zane is ten but i cant really draw males really young so he ended up looking like fourteen or so? (thats about as young as i can draw guys sob)
but i did have fun with Lulu since she was like out there and it kinda looks like a cute little christmas outfit while Zane's there with a slight punk outfit

Zane: i couldnt think of a ton to do for zane since there arent other pictures of his other clothes and his regular outfit wasnt out there but i did like how this turned out for sure~
i gave him a lil jacket and a new shirt/tank top thing idk |3
but i did want to keep bits of his old outfit like shorts and using the colors of his custom shorts to make suspenders where his hankercheif is tied
its pretty simple but still kinda cute ;w;

Lulu: first off lulu is such a cutie wow and i wanted to put her into a cute little outfit with a dress but i didnt wanna do pink or blue since shes already pink and yeah...
so i went with shades of green with a red dress, she has a little green striped bow instead of the tie that happiny's usually have and really it looks like a cute christmas outfit ee

only AutumnPalette and PixieParrot are allowed to use the outfits for their characters
i hope you guys like them though ;u;

Art, Clothing Designs@ Me
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Pfft he really does look 14 here |D

However, the design is perfect for that age (maybe even at 13), so when he gets around to it, this will definitely be his design~

Thanks again fro drawing Zane~ :'D
Aardw00fs Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i told you ohmygod |D

thats what i thought haha
ohmygod what if he tried wearing it now and itd be all baggy on him tho XD
i imagine Zane's really short so meh
Zane is currently 4'2 at 10

He is going to be an above average height when he gets older |D
Aardw00fs Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
he's still a shorty mc shorterpants 8I
im 4"11' kill me now
PixieParrot Jan 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Aaaaaaaaaah omg ack I love LuLu's outift its so effin' cuuuuttteeee~  Eeep!

I'll probably make her than fall/winter outfit, its adorable. >3<

Thank you!
Aardw00fs Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ah you're welcome im so glad you like it ;w;
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