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November 11, 2013
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PKMN-Armonia Tanner Reid by Aardw00fs PKMN-Armonia Tanner Reid by Aardw00fs

Edit: Tanner is now a zoroark~ 
this is much easier for me to draw so im very happy

i didnt forget to change the picture :u


Bullet; PurpleName: Tanner Reid

Bullet; PurpleAge: 17

Bullet; PurpleGender: Male

Bullet; PurplePokémon: Zoroark

:bulletpurple:Level: 36

Bullet; PurpleBirthday: November 23rd

Bullet; PurpleHeight: 6'2

Bullet; PurpleWeight: 165lbs

Bullet; PurpleNature: Relaxed

Bullet; PurpleAbility: Illusion - Comes out disguised as the Pokemon in the party's last spot.

Bullet; PurpleHometown: Dewford Town, Hoenn Region



A blue feather that will keep you cool even in the warmest of weathers!  Just be sure not to get close to a fiery or electric wing!

Ampharosite -…
A mega stone for the pokemon Ampharos!  Tanner personally has no use for it but he's decided to keep it for now and give it as a present to Edgar at some point if he evolves.


Bullet; PurplePersonality: 

-Introverted-  Ever since a young age Tanner was always the loner type of kid.  He didn't like being around too many people and enjoyed being alone.  For this he was considered very introverted and many kids found his awkwardness strange so they left him alone.

-Relaxed-  When not near large crowds Tanner is very relaxed by nature, he isn't one to want to get into conflict and was never very competitive.  He would rather read or play sports which were always friendly games.

-Neat/Organized-  Unlike his highly disorganized family Tanner was the one like always liked things neat and clean.  He doesn't like messes and would at least try to keep his home clean.  Needless to say his room was the one that never looked messy.

-Trustworthy-  While Tanner does not speak very often he is considered to be very trustworthy and a type of 'a shoulder to cry on' person and has always been a good listener.

-Soft Spoken-  Like previously stated Tanner does not speak.  While he can, Tanner prefers to remain quiet and very reserved.  He usually only speaks when spoken to or to answer a question from a teacher etc.


Bullet; PurpleHistory: 

-Early Childhood-

Even as a child Tanner was quiet.  He didn't play very often and preferred to focus on learning whether it was reading, writing, studying, he just enjoyed knowing how smart he was.  His parents could care less, if their son wanted to keep to himself than that was fine by them, besides he had time to open up.  Due to having such a high learning rate, Tanner was almost always at the top of his class as an A-B student (even if it was only elementary).

What his family didn't really know about was what was going on at school.  Tanner hated being around large groups of people, even being in class made him figit and uncomfortable.  Recess he would sit alone on the swings with a book, trying to ignore the other children.  This often got him teased for being a 'loner' and some of the children would push him around trying to get him to get angry or yell at them.  He never did though, he would stare at them placidly and would often just try to walk away to find a place where he could be left alone.  None of them really knew how uncomfortable he was on the inside though.

-Early Teens-

As Tanner grew older he slowly opened up a bit.  It wasn't anything big but he was a little more eager to talk, answering his family when they had questions and would answer questions in class instead of doing so when specifically called on.  It helped die down the teasing that surrounded his introverted behavior which only made things better for the young pokemon.  Tanner could be left alone when he wanted to and even made a friend, or rather it was just someone who followed him along.  His 'friend' so to speak was a Flaafy named Edgar.  Edgar was definitely the geeky and quirky type of kid, a typical nerd but was very outgoing.  He thought Tanner was "lonely" and decided to start following him around which seemed very strange to Tanner but he never said anything.  Edgar was kind and never pushed him to talk so he allowed him to follow him around which ended up in a strange type of friendship.

With his new found friend Tanner began to be more comfortable around small groups of people and even began to try and socialize.  He and Edgar would take walks or talk about Edgar's comic books or the tv shows he liked.  They would spend the night at each other's houses, camping out in the yard etc etc.  Needless to say Tanner's family was pleased to see their little boy breaking out of his shell, never once had they pushed him since they knew he'd grow at his own pace.

-Recent History-
*Note this is around the time his family would be applying him to Armonia*

Now a highschooler, Tanner hadn't changed much since his middle school years.  He had since evolved like many of the others he knew but still was very quiet.  Even with keeping his grades up and doing little bits of socializing, Tanner's family started to grow concerned as the years of highschool slowly went on.  He never got any better in socializing and never made more friends.  It was starting to worry his parents as they knew that in the real world Tanner would have to open up, whether it would be job opportunities or college etc etc.  They needed to find somewhere where he could get a little push into wanting to open up.

It was then that they found Armonia Institute, a school located on an island somewhere in the sea.  It seemed to be what they were looking for, there were teachers and students from all areas and different backgrounds, it was high ranked in the educational system and did it's best to push students towards great success.  It was just what they were looking for and they didn't hesitate to grab and application for their son who more or less had little say in his parents excitement of their 'solution'.


-Family and Family Relationships-
*Decided to keep this separate~*

Father *Fredrick Reid*- Tanner's father is a famous author.  He writes sci-fi novels focused mostly on future societies, using many theories from real world people and many other theories thought up of scientists.  Tanner is very close to his father and finds his books intriquing so he usually gets the original first copy to read before anyone else.
Tanner's father, despite his appearance, is quite athletic and he and Tanner will spend much of their time swimming or playing basketball.

Mother *Rosalinda Reid*- Tanner's mother is a fashion model, often featured in many magazines she is the idol of many teenage girls for her beauty, grace, and independent personality.  While she may be a model she often dreams of designing fashion herself and has sketches upon sketches of her ideas in her office.
Tanner isn't exactly close to his mother but he respects her and does love her but he doesn't enjoy hanging around her too long.  It usually ends up with him being her test dummy for dresses...

Siblings *Ila, Rebecca, & Jeremiah*- Tanner has a total of three siblings.  He has two little sisters who are twins.  The two little bunearys are excitable and always bouncing around the house, pestering their dad or brothers or pretending to be princesses in a kingdom with their mother as a queen (note they do enjoy dressing up in pink frilly outfits~)
Next, Tanner has an older brother.  He hasn't seen him in person for awhile as he is in the army and out training rookies as a Captain.  He's fairly calm with a fatherly nature to him.


Bullet; PurpleSummary characteristic: Likes To Relax

Bullet; PurpleHobbies: 

-Sports; Mainly Basketball and Soccer
-Reading; He'll often be found reading a good book
-Wandering; Tanner has a habit of wandering around when he wants to think or just to relax


Bullet; PurpleMoveset: 

:icondarktypeplz: Night Daze
:iconnormaltypeplz: Leer
:icondarktypeplz: Pursuit
:icondarktypeplz: Night Slash

Bullet; PurpleFavorite berry flavor: Sour


Bullet; PurpleHouse: 


Bullet; PurpleSchool Schedule: Fourth Term

Required Classes - History - Battle - Math(II) - Writing - Science -

Electives - Gym - Zoology - Survival


Bullet; PurpleExtras/Fun Facts: 

-Beware the huge bookworm
-Tanner's brother is a shiny
-Edgar and Tanner are pen pals
-When he gets older Tanner wishes to either go into sports or become an author like his father
-He's single and demisexual


Tanner@ Me
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